An All American Wizz!

Today while I was at work, I was informed of a very important event which took place at our house… My son, Jude, took his very first wizz on a potty!!! Out of all the potties on the planet, he managed to aim for the best… A Baby Bjorn, and believe it or not, this is not a French product, it is Made in the USA!!! I remember when my wife Mary was shopping for it, when she came back, she was so happy she found an American Made one…Maybe she should finish the story…
Hi, this is Mary. Well a couple months ago I was browsing around Babies R Us and saw all the potties available.. Wow… There was quite a selection. But of course I had to start flipping those over and turning boxes all around to find where they were made. So upon further inspection I found a Made in the USA, basic white Baby Bjorn potty chair. I was so excited to have found this in a major retail baby store! I could have gone with a different chair that had all the bells and whistles, literally I think some of these chairs sing to the kids! LOL. But really, he is only going to use it for a couple months, do I need to overdo it? Then when he does transition to the Big Boy potty, he’s gonna be wondering why it doesn’t sing and dance and change funky colors?!?! And of course I want to Support Our Country! The Baby Bjorn is well made and I am sure it will last him through his potty training days. I am proud to have purchased my son an American Made potty!!
I knew I could not do this story justice! Check out the link from toysrus/babiesrus at
Who would have known that a product with such a strange name would be Made in the USA, goes to show, you can never judge a book by its cover!